Have you ever moved? It is known that even changing a rented apartment is quite a significant stress for a person. This is very costly both for nerve cells and for time, not to mention the additional financial costs. After such changes, you need some time to restore, adapt to a new place. So what about the more serious event in life - the change of permanent residence!

In this article we will not consider the reasons that prompted you to such a cardinal step - this is a personal matter. We'll talk about how you can get through this stress as painlessly as possible and adapt most effectively to the reality that's new to you.

Removing Fear of Suspense

This is one of the most powerful fears that a human being experiences. Imagine that you do not know anything about what you are going to do, planning this or that. Where can the confidence in the implementation of your ideas come from? To gain confidence and take control of fear, it is necessary to clearly imagine what you will do, first of all, being in a new environment for you. Think about where you will live, what to do. How will you position yourself in establishing new contacts? Support yourself, tune in to the idea that your resources are enough to cope with all the difficulties. Planning is the main enemy of any anxiety. Use this weapon.

Building Bridges

Experienced people suggest that it is very important to enlist the support of those who live in the country, city, area, where you have planned to move. They know those characteristics that are not written about in guidebooks and dictionaries, and also do not mention in embassies and consulates. Take care that your move does not fall into complete emptiness - prepare the ground in advance. Even if you have no acquaintances and, even more so, relatives in your new place, you have the opportunity to find in social networks, forums, chats of those who will prompt the necessary information and agree to help on the new location. Or read how to pick up a girl at a bar. Communicating with people who will give you the right information and support is another universal weapon in the fight against separation anxiety. Act, plan, watch and you will definitely be lucky!


Planning the move, a very important help in the forthcoming cultural adaptation will be a preliminary acquaintance with the history, geography, and culture of your chosen country. (It is understood that you have already learned the language or are actively mastering it at least at the initial level). Read what the search engine will offer you, socialize with live people, see the available video. In addition, such activities will involve you, help fill those places in the soul and mind, which usually occupy all sorts of fears, negative thoughts and experiences.

Physical exercise

Dosed daily exercise will help your brain cope with the excess experiences caused by the preparation for moving to unfamiliar places. Learn yoga exercises, walk outdoors every day, go to the gym, ride a bicycle or rollerblades. Even if you have never done it - at least try it! The thing is that stresses are stored in our body in the form of blocks and clamps, from which you have to get rid of in a new place. And who knows how your body will react when you reach your critical level?