Separation Anxiety treatment

Which is the best cure for anxiety?

Often, when people suffer from anxiety, they seek any available solutions to the problem. You will find that cure for anxiety is never far away from us and in fact, it need not be expensive. The following ways will assure you   of cure for anxiety in no time.

Laugh at your anxiety

Sometimes anxiety makes us do things we would not do in our right senses. You might climb on a wall to avoid an awful thing or cry over something that might not occur. You will however need to take things easily and laugh over things that you worried about but never materialized. It has been found that those who have light-hearted moments about the awkward things they have done due to anxiety have better coping mechanism.


Anxiety takes wind off your sails. A busy week and the demands of everyday life could take a toll on your life. In order to cope better, set a day or two off and break from the routine. The relaxation will help you recover from the build up of the anxiety. Take a holiday or just relax at home with the family members. This will energize you so that you can confront the challenges ahead of you. You will find that this is a simple cure for anxiety that does not demand medication or therapy.

Intake of GABA

The Gamma-Amino Butyric   Acid is an inhibitory transmitter which would help to deal with the anxiety condition. The intake of GABA has been fronted as one of the best amino acids which play an important role in the transmission of electrical impulses to the brain. GABA   has been found to be highly effective in the treatment of anxiety and, stress. It also helps you to relax after a prolonged period of worry and fear.

Stay grounded

No matter how tempting it is to freak out when anxiety grips you, there is hope at the end of the tunnel. Ask yourself the question: what is the worst possible thing that could happen if you stood firmly in the face of anxiety? The reality of the matter is that nothing bad would happen and that you would easily overcome it. The advice given to people suffering from anxiety is to stay put in the face of a possible anxiety.  Staying on the ground will give you the strength to repulse the negative thoughts and the wave of anxiety will not sweep you.

Confront your fear

We are often told to face the ghosts of our fears but most people miss the point. If the anxiety is the ghost in your life, call it out by name and ask it to come out and face you. If you are afraid of being alone in the house, then tell yourself that you are going to give yourself a date in the house and see what would happen. Nothing will happen and you will have found the elusive cure for anxiety without professional help.

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