Separation anxiety in adults

What is separation anxiety in adults?

Also known as ASAD in short,this  is a psychiatric  disorder  in which the affected individuals  suffer from  a lot of anxiety  owing to the fact that they are  removed  from the people or the places that they have close association with. One interesting thing about separation anxiety in adults is that it is a recent phenomenal in the world of psychiatry, despite having been in existence for the longest time.

The separation anxiety in adults is very different from that of children. In fact the one that we have described above mainly revolves around children and their parents. As for the adults, the anxiety arises due to separation from their spouses of friends.

 Many people confuse Separation Anxiety with separation anxiety in adults. One notable thing about the latter is that adults behave like the children, implying that their childhood anxieties did not resolve.

Two classical cases will help us understand what the condition is all about. None other than   Holly wood has churned out some movies demonstrating what the condition is. In one case shows a character in a movie that is unable to reconcile with the fact that his mother is dead and that she might never come back to life. The character resorts to lying next to his dead mother. This behaviour goes on for a very long time, showing that the character had a strong attachment with his mother and therefore, continues sleeping beside her, though she was dead for a long time.

Another interesting aspect of separation anxiety in adults is best exemplified where a wife is unhappy that her husband is always away on weekend playing golf. In order to deal with the anxiety, she decides to follow him to his golfing expeditions though she has a disdain for the game itself.

The wife may still feel a huge void in her life to the extent that she constantly calls him at the workplace and in some cases, leave to go and check him out to ensure that he is okay. These are extreme cases whereby the sufferer is well aware that her behaviour is unacceptable but is not able to deal with the behavior. There is an inner, uncontrollable urge to act in an irrational way.

It was not until the recent years was this condition formally acknowledged as a psychological problem.

There are two issues which underpin the condition. The first one is that the sufferer is seeking approval for their action. Secondly, the patient has a problem with attachment relating to relationships.

There is startling statistics which actually shows that the problem in adults is now more prevalent than the one in children.

Since there has been little or no research done on ASAD ,there is not  much in terms of  documentation and subsequent treatment .It  is important for more research to be done in this area with the aim of identifying the onset, the symptoms  identification and finally,treatment.Only then can the sufferers  of this condition be helped.

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