Separation Anxiety Symptoms

separation anxiety in children symptoms

One of the facets of separation anxiety in relationships is that one has a strong attachment to the spouse or lover. Such persons place a high premium on the other person to the extent that they would do anything not to be separated from them. Since you cannot hang around the person you are emotionally attached to forever, the mere thought of being separated from them can affect them. They thus display the following separation anxiety in relationship signs:

Anticipation of being separated

For some people, it is not the actual separation which heightens the anxiety. Rather, it is the thought of being separated of being detached physically from them.

Fear of the death

The separation anxiety in relationships signs can turn morbid. The sufferer has morbid fear that the person they love so much might actually die and leave them. This could be the reason why they do not want to part from them.

 Getting lost

One of the spouses in the relationship who has separation anxiety has this unfounded fear that their spouse may actually get lost, hence not come back when they leave. We have had cases where one spouse keeps calling to know if their loved one is safe and whether they are on the way home. They want every detail such the road used, exact location and whether they can go for them.  In some cases, they may call 911 to say that their spouse is lost.

Kidnap fear

Some partners in a relationship go overboard with their separation anxiety in relationships because they think that their lovers could be kidnapped if they went out alone. For this reason, they keep calling to know if they have been kidnapped. When they hear of a kidnap saga in the news, they think it is their lover and become anxious. They pre-empt such thought and are actually pre-occupied with such negative thoughts.

Premonition of getting hurt

Even without hindsight, persons with separation have strong   premonitions that something bad will happen to their spouses. For instance, they have strong feelings that their lovers will be injured in a road accident, a violent confrontation   in the street or a stranger could hurt them. It is on this basis that they do not want to be separated from them. Though an ordinary thinking person would such thoughts far too removed from reality or irrational, the anxious person believes their thoughts. They thus act to prevent such a thing from happening.


The fear that your loved one could be struck by a strange illness could be overwhelming. For such spouses, the threat of a disease is real and is actually   is one of the signs of separation anxiety in relationships.

The above shows that grownups place a lot of   premium on the health, love and safety of their loved one. The concerns go overboard when you anticipate bad things happening to them. One should seek treatment if they think that their actions are unfounded. There is always a cure for this condition.

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