Separation Anxiety treatment

How to ease child separation anxiety

If you are witnessing child separation anxiety, there are a number of things you can do to help your child cope with it. Before we look at it, it is important to acknowledge the fact that this is completely normal as it is part of growing. Looking for ways to ease it? Try the following:

Practice it

The act of leaving   your child even when they have child separation anxiety can be tricky. You can start by leaving the child in the care of someone you can trust.  You can start with short distances where you can go and come back within minutes. The child will adjust accordingly and soon, you would be able to go for longer hours.


Time your separation by capitalizing on the sleeping hours and after feeding the baby. Child separation anxiety is most intense when the baby is hungry or is fully awake to see what is happening around them.

Parting ritual

Instead of leaving unceremoniously, you can come up with a way of showing the child that you are actually leaving. Kiss the baby and say the words ‘good-bye’. The child will learn to associate it with leaving and will not become anxious. You can also wave the child and when they wave back, you can rest assured that your child is coming of age and that they will easily cope with it.


Making things familiar to the baby even when away from home can help the baby cope with the changes. For instance, let your caregiver accompany you so that the child feels comfortable. Allow the baby come with their toys so that they feel comfortable in new surroundings.


Subjecting the child to the same environment or people over a long period of time helps they cope with the child separation anxiety. For instance, keep the baby‘s caregiver until the child of age. Changing these caregivers frequently gives the child a hard time as they are not able to get used to them long enough to be left with.  It is unfortunate because you can’t keep a caregiver at your household if they want to go.

 Avoid fanfare

We are all guilty of this. Many parents or caregivers make leaving such a big deal that the children will not let goes of them. If you decided to leave, make it clear to the child that you want to leave and immediately leave. The child will have little time to be anxious or go into a panic. You only need to assure them that you will come back.

Cut out the nightmare

Television programs for children could sometimes haunt the child and especially if the characters are scary. Minimize T.V watching so that the child does not suffer from anxiety attacks.

Do not bow to pressure

Children put so much pressure on their parents. If this happens, you might be tempted to give in to their demand s. be firm and let your intentions be known.

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