Separation Anxiety Symptoms

Dealing with anxiety attacks fast

If you have suffered from anxiety, you can attest to the fact that it is one of the most difficult moments in one’s life. Coping with the things is not as easy as one would think. There are however a few things that you can do to mitigate them very fast.

Calming the mind

The mind is everything .If you are able to calm, the physical signs will lessen .Notice the first symptoms and act on them without delay. If for instance   you start sweating and the hear t races, it tells you that you that you are headed for an episode of panic attack. Relax, take rest and watch over your breathing. Take a cool beverage and divulge your mind from the whole episode.

Stopping and thinking

Dealing with anxiety attacks entails you stopping your thought processes. Going into an overdrive with your thinking could really be catastrophic. Put a stop to the thought of what will happen next and instead, arrange fresh and new thoughts so that you can overcome the panic situation at hand.

 Power of positive thinking

The mind, as we have seen, controls everything that we do. If you feed it on negative things, then the result will be negative. Replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones is really the way to go. If you can, try to recall the last time you had such an attack and you were able to overcome it.

 Take charge of your situation

Playing victim will not help resolve the situation. Shutting the victim mentality will help you overcome the feeling and as such dealing with anxiety attacks will be easy. Speak clearly and let your intention be known and do not anticipate that things have to be done for you. The very moment you take charge of your emotions and ‘man’ enough to face them, is the time you will be able to deal with your problem. External help is acceptable but you can only be the one to sanction it, not another person.

 Don’t lose your mind

Many people become irritable, angry and upset when they suffer from these panic attacks. Things can only be put under control when it comes to dealing with anxiety attackss. It may not be easy but you can promise yourself that you will deal with the problem with sobriety.

Muscle relaxation

All the muscles in the body go into an overdrive when you panic. The way to go is really to relax the muscles. Relax them by perfuming some massage techniques while resting. Press the muscles at the toes and work your way to the top, each time applying some pressure gently on them. This helps them to relax and before you realize, the panic attacks are gone.

Regain your confidence

Even in the face of adversity, holding your head high works to your advantage. You will be able to take charge of your situation so fast that people will not even realize that you have suffered from panic attack.

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