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Separation Anxiety treatment

Best natural anxiety treatment options

When your heart starts racing and you freak out, there are a number of things which could be triggering it. Let us briefly look at them. Money Are you anxious about lack of money? People worry all the time about money. Is there a natural anxiety treatment for this? Health The mere thought of a creeping illness scares the hell out of them. Family Are you constantly worried about the status of your family? This is anxiety which should be…

Separation Anxiety treatment

Treatment of separation anxiety disorder in children

The separation anxiety disorder treatment is a prevalent problem affecting children and adults alike. It is characterized by fear and worry when anticipating separation. They become nervous and anxious over the things happening around them. Children in particular are severely affected by separation from their parents, caregivers or when they move to a new environment. What can you do to help the child who is affected? Treatment may not necessary involve medication. The following are the dos and don’ts   when…

Separation Anxiety Symptoms

Understanding separation anxiety disorder

The psychological condition that we are calling separation anxiety disorder or SAD involves three main ingredients i.e. separation, anxiety and the resulting disorder. The   separation in this context means from a caregiver, a lover, sibling or a caregiver. It could also mean a pet or the familiar environment. The problem of separation anxiety disorder has been addressed extensively in children and is usually not considered a disorder; it is just a separation anxiety. The anxiety is witnessed at the age…

Separation Anxiety treatment

Anxiety treatment options

Anxiety is a state of mind where is overwhelmed by feelings of excessive fear and worry. The problem repeats itself, hence the need for anxiety treatment. If you have suffered from anxiety, there are various options which are at your disposal. Self help Before you even begin to start thinking about anxiety treatment, self-help books are available in bookshops near you. They are highly resourceful as they provide you with practical skills to help you cope with the problem. You…

Separation Anxiety Symptoms

What causes separation anxiety?

By definition, separation anxiety is the disorder whereby one undergoes a period of intense anxiety attack because they have been separated from the people or places they have a strong bond with. This could be a parent, spouse, caregiver, a sibling or even a home one loves so much.  The separation anxiety or SAD can affect both children and adults. In particular, children are affected by the changes in their environments such as a new school. They will also have…

Separation anxiety in adults

What is separation anxiety in adults?

Also known as ASAD in short,this  is a psychiatric  disorder  in which the affected individuals  suffer from  a lot of anxiety  owing to the fact that they are  removed  from the people or the places that they have close association with. One interesting thing about separation anxiety in adults is that it is a recent phenomenal in the world of psychiatry, despite having been in existence for the longest time. The separation anxiety in adults is very different from that…

Separation anxiety in adults

Anxiety help tips

If you suffer from anxiety, do not despair as there is always a way out the situation. Many people who are looking for anxiety help have tried everything without success. The truth of the matter is that there is always one more thing that your need to do to overcome it. Take a break The life we live can be hectic at times and this would mean that you do not find time for yourself. The  first thing  that you…